The unveiling of a new book

Br Francis Verye presented a new book titled ‘Psychodynamics in School Leadership; Challenges and Opportunities’ on Sunday, the 23rd of August 2020 in MIC. The book has highlighted, filled and addressed nine gaps in the current literature on leadership, namely: materialism and religion, vocation and profession, divine and human, spiritual values vs exterior framework, common good vs individual rights, integrity vs corruption, loving care vs positional rules, rhetoric vs reality, shepherding vs economic prosperity, witness vs structure.

Br. Dr. Francis Verye has received education in Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Great Britain and the United States of America. He believes in creating and sharing knowledge. Among his writings which are available in the Marist International University Library are; Leadership and Participation in the Management of Scottish Secondary Schools; Creativity and Innovation, Group dynamics; Counseling Skills; Project Management skills; Critical Thinking; leadership and direction; Personal Management, Effective communication skills, a Compendium on Educational Management and Administration. Congratulations to Br Francis for sharing knowledge with the world.

Br. Peter Awo